Convett’s corrugated wall tanks are manufactured in accordance to customer drawings and are produced not only as individual tanks but also in serial production.
The manufacturing range is from 50KVA to 12MVA. We can provide hermetically sealed tanks or expansion tanks, our corrugated walls design will change in accordance to the type of transformer. Hermetic tanks infact needs elastic corrugated wall design, while expansion tanks requires more rigid design with spot-welded corrugated walls and a conservator mounted on its top. Conservators, cable boxes, covers, accessories and reinforcements can be manufactured with the tanks following customer design.

Surface treatment and corrosion protection:
Convett tanks painting process is in accordance to ISO 12944:2008: C3, C4, C5-I, C5-M. We sand-blast 100% of tanks and components in our blasting machine to obtain a perfect surface cleanliness and preparation. 
This assure an excellent paint adehesion. A robust painting cycle based on a two-component high content epoxy primer then guarantee an excellent salt spray resistance in accordance to the ISO 12944. 
We use flow-coating and spray coating painting method but the tanks may also be supplied with hot dip galvanized finish.

Convett tanks quality is guarantee by:
•    Certified high quality raw material of the corrugated walls, which assures the mechanical resistance during transportation and mounting operations added to its perfect behaviour with oil heat and pressure when fulfilled
•    Outstanding automatic welding process of corrugated walls, manufactured by the best in class technology (CMT Fronius, LAE equipment) 
•    Strict Welding Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR) and highly experienced welders certified by Accredia Qualification Test Certificates 
•    Double leakage control test of the welded tank before and after the automatic shotblasting 
•    100% control of the entire welding, testing and painting processes by our procedures of the quality system