Convett has a very high consumption of DC01 material in different sizes and thicknesses. Therefore we can provide to our customers which decided to manufacture the corrugated walls by themselves:
- a just in time delivery of coil to our customers guarantee by our internal stock
- a complete variety of measures from 400mm to 1600mm size coils (400-450-500…etc) with all the standard thiknesses used in the transformer applications (0,8-1,0-1,2-1,5mm)
- a competitive price achieved during the negotiation with coil manufacturing companies which are attracted by our high volumes

PACKAGING AND TRANSPORT: We can provide both eye to the sky or standard vertical packaging, in both cases the wooden pallet is suitable for sea and truck transport. In case of maritime transport, a special plastic film protection preserves the coils from corrosion and dust. A very accurate load into the containers assure that the coils arrives in perfect shape and fixed into the floor.


QUALITY: High quality certified raw material following the EN 10130:2006, which assures the mechanical resistance during operations and the elasticity of the fiin walls during the heating and cooling process of the transformer. Test reports following the EN 10204 and strict internal quality controls and procedures guaranteed by our ISO 9001:2015 system.