Our mission:

"Our mission is the continuous improvement in all our strengths which are the innovation of the products, the quality of the processes, the flexibility of our logistics and the service to our customers, with a particular attention to the competitiveness".

Our values are respect, ethics and team work:

We believe in Respect in all internal and external relationships, in each interaction with customers, partners, operators and employees. 

We believe in Ethics in our daily business and we always act with our customers accordingly.

We believe in Team Work, where both individual then the whole team can grow respecting each other, sharing ideas and skills across common efforts in order to reach daily goals.


Our motto is:

             "Be the change you wish to see in the world"     


Ethical code:

The protection of  health and safety of workers inside the workplace is a principle of great significance and cultural thickness, all the more as a result of the transposition of the numerous European sector directives.

Convett, fully sharing this principle, aims to "work safely", to ensure compliance with the rules of prevention and the adoption of "safe" behaviors for the benefit of the protection of people.

Convett thus guaranteeing the physical and moral integrity of its employees, working conditions respectful of individual dignity and safe and healthy working environments, in full compliance with current legislation on the prevention of accidents at work and protection of workers.

Convett also carries out its business on technical, organizational and economic conditions to ensure that adequate accident prevention and a healthy and safe working environment are ensured.

Convett is committed to spreading and consolidating a culture of security among all its employees, developing awareness of the risks and promoting responsible and secure behaviors by all employees.



Quality, Environment and Safety policy:

CONVETT S.r.l. pursues the highest standards of quality and customer care offering its products and recognizes that the constant respect of the commitments undertaken with its customers and exceeding their expectations are a permanent obligation for all the company staff.

CONVETT S.r.l. undertakes to adopt common quality standards for the realization of its products and for the measurement of customer satisfaction, which it intends to provide transparent information.

The company takes as priority the quality of life of the employees, respect for the environment and the care of relationships with suppliers through constant action to enhance, motivate and train human resources.

Aiming this targets the Management, taking into consideration the organization's context, the company size and its typology and the possible impacts of its activities and products, created a company policy to follow.