Renewed paint shop 

Convett replaced his old sandblasting machine with a brand new one, bigger, more efficient and safer than the previous, with specific blasting programs for each product that needs this treatment and a particular care to the environment aspect. A new suspended catenary were installed, with automatic movement of the pieces to paint, a new system to rotate radiators during the flow coating process and an adequate aspiration system for the healt of the painters and of the environment.

New improved finwalls design

Convett installed a brand new corrugated walls manufacturing line for a quicker and more precise production, equipped with state of art FRONIUS CMT welding machine units. This new line can bend 0.8mm thickness raw material, can produce finwalls with 35mm of minimum pitch and with an opening inside the fins of 4mm. With our all-measure warehouse ready to use and our ISO 3834-2 system just achieved we are ready to satisfy all customers request in terms of quantity, quick delivery and of course quality.

Aluminum radiator patent

Convett registered a patent ( for Italy n. IT2013VI00201, for Europe n. WO2014IB63332 ) in order to start the production of aluminum radiators. The advantages are several: smaller size, more Kw to dissipate due to the great heat dissipation of the aluminum, less weight in terms of raw material and oil inside the radiator, less installation time and an higher resistance to the worst environmental situation. In the end but not less important, the possibility to recycle completely the whole radiator, another aspect concerning environmental aspect which Convett takes particular care.